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String wound filter cartridge

String Wound Filter


String wound filter is a sophisticated deep filter is form from polypropylene,cotton or glass fiber, according to the process,,wound filter made by high quality yarn convolve on the core,which can be pp or ss core..Wound filter with outer porositybut inter tight honeycomb-like structure with a very good filtering properties, can effectively remove the fluid with the suspended solids, particulates, rust and other impurities



Extremely high filtering precision   

Flow, small pressure difference, high strength

Pollutant carrying capacity, long service life      

Non-toxic, tasteless, no secondary pollution



Electronics, electric power industry: water, gas, electroplating solution, such as printed circuit boards and so on.

 Chemical, petrochemical professional: acis, alkalis, solvents, coatings, magnetic detergents, liquid wax, etc.

 Medicine, the pharmaceutical industry: Hospital water, pharmaceutical injection, oral liquid, etc.

 Film, photography industry: film production, photo-offset, etc.  

 The food industry: food, beverages, drinking water, alcohol, etc.



Technical Specifications


250/254      500/508       750/762       1000/1016    

Outer Dia. mm

       63                63                63                  63            

Inner Dia. mm

       30                30               30                   30            

and flow

Filtering accuracyµm

  1      3      5      10     20      30     50       100                                                   

THMax. flow

 0.4    0.45    0.5     1.0     1.5     2.0     2.2       2.5                      

Note: (1) filter by measuring the length of 250mm, pressure force 0.02Mpa. (2) test medium is water. (3) test temperature at room temperature.



Max. working pressure 0.42Mpa

Max. back pressure 0.1Mpa

Max. working temp.
Polypropylene Material                                  70

              Cotton fiber     Stainless steel core                  130    

              Glass fiber       Stainless steel frame                 300  


Production Style


CSW Series

Material PP CO  GW

Pore Size 1µm 3µm ………100µm

Length250/254mm,  500/508mm,  750/762mm,  1000/1016mm
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