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PP melt blown filter cartridge

Melt Blown Filter

Polypropylene melt blown filter used (PP) thermal spray fiber. It’s an advanced primary filter. The range of filtration and precision from 1μm - 100μm. Once the filter is faced by pressure fluctuations will affect the precision.This kind filter is popular with high flux , good precision and low filtration costs.


●Wide Chemical application, and low differential pressure, long service life.
●Wide range of precision, select the requirement to meet a variety of applications.
●Adopt with thermal process, firmly & without the release of pollutants.
●General method can be used to clean or disinfect counters or high-pressure steam sterilizer.

●Electric power industry: pre-filter reverse osmosis water system, pre-filter of water system,
●The food industry: beverages, beer, mineral water and so on.
●Chemical industry: organic solvents, ink and so on.
●Pharmaceutical industry: pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and plasma products, such as filtering, and compressed air filters
●Others: electroplating solution, metal-cutting fluid, photosensitive resist, magnetic media and so on.

Technical standard
Pore Size (µm)   1     3      5      10     20      30     50       100                                                   
Effective Filtration Area 0.40—0.70m2
Max. continuous Pressure 0.42Mpa,(at25)
Max. back  Pressure 0.1Mpa
Max. operating Temperature 70℃

Pore Size & flow
Pore Size(µm)   1      3      5      10     20      30     50       100                                                   
Max.flow(TH)  0.4    0.45    0.5     1.0     1.5     2.0     2.2       2.5                      
Note: (1) filter by measuring the length of 250mm, pressure force 0.02Mpa. (2)Test medium is water. (3)Test temperature at room temperature.
production style
CSM Series
Precision: 1µm, 5µm, 10µm,  20µm,   30µm,   50µm
Length:  250/254mm,  500/508mm,  750/762mm,  1000/1016mm

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product image:
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